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Bose Wave Radio repair AWR1-1W 1st generation

Uncovering and repairing problems with the 1st series (1993-1994) of the Bose Wave radio. This is for the models with the 3 AA batteries, and is NOT for the ...

kgornto kgornto says:
How do I repair my Bose wave radio/cd/alarm that no longer powers on?
I have the above mentioned Bose radio/cd/alarm that no longer powers on and i'm just trying to find an online guide on how to repair or if anyone has done this repair what might be the problem.
Ilovenerdwins87 says:
Well if its an older one.. (Has Buttons on the Top, Top loading CD) then it will most likely need to be repaired by Bose Product and Tech Support. 1-800-644-2673. In Most cases the repair is...
alexx213 alexx213 says:
Is there a good alternative to Bose Wave Radio?
I realize there's probably nothing out there that can sound as great as a Bose system, but for me it's kinda pricey.
Dr. HOUSE says:
Dont kid yourself! I have been an audio buff for 35 years, use to repair audio equipment and the Bose radio is nothing but hype! A known physical principle in audio is that it takes a large amount...


Two Years in St. Andrews
Two Years in St. Andrews
Published by Simon and Schuster 2008
ISBN 9781416534310,1416534318
336 pages
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Click for repair information Equipment Repair Form Wave Radio without CD Wave Radio with CD Lifestyle CD-5 single disc Click for repair information Equipment Repair Form Wave Radio without CD Wave Radio with CD Lifestyle CD-5 single disc Find images on Bose Wave Radio Repair ... Pic 2 Fly Launched! Pic 2 Fly finaly launched its beta service. In the next few weeks we will be adding the most advanced ... Call 0800-781-1274 to book a repair on any of the following products: - Wave ® systems Click for repair information â— Wave Radio without CD â— Wave Radio with ...

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