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Bose Wave Music System III (Product Review)

The Bose Company has a reputation of putting out products to enhance the audio experience of many different applications from headsets, to bluetooth. In this...


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Coming in Loud and Clear: Portable Speakers for Summer

Light, chargeable, and full of sound wave fun, tossing one in your beach bag or enjoying a movie off your iPad is what these incredible gadgets are all about. We’re not talking surround here, and I’m not even going to mention the word Bose. But of the ...

New Car Test Drive

The XM satellite radio system provides real-time traffic updates on the screen, where available, and the Zagat restaurant guide to the navigation software. The standard sound system is competitive with that in any luxury sedan. The upgrade Bose Studio On ...

Sony Ericsson W980 Review by 3G.co.uk

Feature Set Summary 8GB of onboard memory, HSDPA internet capabilities, Google Maps, a 3.2-megapixel camera and Shake control to manage the built-in Walkman player ... both of which remain invisible until the phone is activated - more of which later.

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Bose® Wave® music system

Acclaimed audio performance for CDs and FM/AM. Compact, easy to use.

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